Tower 7 in Leland NC

Tower 7 is a place that almost every Wilmingtonian knows about and recognizes. It is an extremely popular Tex-Mex restaurant on Wrightsville Beach with a prime location, mere steps from the ocean. Check out this article from a Leland Chiropractor!

Tower 7

No doubt the location alone helps fuel the fervor that exists for it. Who doesn't want to sip on a cold Mexican lager while snacking on some tacos after a long day of fun in the sun? The beach vibe is strong in the restaurant, with surfing videos playing on all of the televisions throughout the space. The bar area has a tiki bar feel to it to complete the atmosphere.

Location isn't the only thing Tower 7 has going for it, however. The salsa here is legendary. I have friends who visit from out of town and will buy a couple of big containers to take home with them every time they come to town. The stuff is that addicting. If you don't fill up on chips and salsa, their fish tacos are very good. The Mahi is always cooked with that perfect amount of crisp to it, just the way you wish you could replicate at home. These are a staple for my brother and despite eating here with him dozens of times, I'm not sure I've ever seen him order anything else. However, my most frequent order is the “tacos in a beach towel.” These are hardshell tacos with their salsa verde chicken wrapped in flour tortillas. They top this off with their queso blanco which just pulls it all together.

Cafe Del Mar

If tacos aren’t your thing, Tower 7 even has a coffee shop that has been added to it, Cafe Del Mar. If you want to have a perfect start to a morning, go grab a cup of joe here and then head out to the beach to watch the sun rise of over the Atlantic Ocean.

Tower 7 has been so successful it has branded itself under the restaurant group. It has expanded to have multiple other locations throughout town named either k38 or K-Bueno Mexi-Q Grill. They are all good and each have very similar menus, with small changes in offerings at each. However, the vibe and atmosphere will always make Tower 7 my favorite.

Wrightsville Beach

Tower 7 will always hold a special place in my heart. It is the first restaurant I ate at when I visited Wilmington for the first time with my brother. Because I am born and raised in the midwest I had only seen the ocean twice before I visited. We spent a whole day body surfing waves, throwing a frisbee, and looking for shark teeth amongst the shells.

Seeing the clean, blue waters of Wrightsville beach along with the whole vibe of the town is part of the reason I ended up moving to Wilmington. Tower 7 will always be part of that experience and memory for me. I highly recommend if you haven't already, go spend a day at the beach and grab some amazing tacos here. You won't regret it.